Justin Verlander's 'diva' attitude upset Max Scherzer and other Mets

Former Mets ace Justin Verlander reportedly rubbed several teammates the wrong way with his ‘diva’ attitude in New York, most notably fellow superstar pitcher and former teammate Max Scherzer.

The two perennial All-Stars attempted to work together in ‘harmony’ after not being on good terms during their time in Detroit but there were still bumps in the relationship, .

One unnamed Mets source apparently told that Verlander was ‘detached’ from his teammates in New York and would complain that the analytics department was not on the same level as the one he worked with in Houston.

The ‘diva’ attitude Verlander is claimed to have displayed allegedly caused Scherzer to complain to others in the locker room about his fellow superstar.

Verlander has since been traded to the Houston Astros, who he left in free agency this offseason to sign with the Mets, while Scherzer was dealt to the Texas Rangers.

Ex-Met Max Scherzer was one of multiple players in NY that had an issue Justin Verlander

Verlander was said to display a ‘diva’ attitude that rubbed Scherzer and others in NY wrong 

Verlander has since been traded to the Houston Astros and Scherzer to the Texas Rangers

Regardless of whatever high school style drama played in the Mets locker room before the decision to cash in on assets like Scherzer and Verlander in an effort to greatly speed up a rebuild of the farm system, New York’s pitching staff drastically performed well below expectations this season.

New York’s roster came into the season with a record-breaking payroll and was highly expected to be a contender for the World Series – only to end up as perhaps the sport’s biggest failure this year.

Last season the Mets finished the year with a 3.57 team ERA which was good enough for seventh in MLB. 

This year New York’s team ERA has ballooned to 4.38 which to put it kindly is a whole lot closer to the bottom of the league than the top.

Following their trades out of New York both Verlander and Scherzer echoed similar sentiments of disappointment at how the season in Queens went.

‘It became obvious which way the team was gonna go and the best decisions for All-in-one web analytics everyone involved.

… You signed up there to win and you really thought we’d have a chance to win there,’ Scherzer told Foul Territory. ‘Obviously, we didn’t and that’s what stinks.’ 

‘It was just an unfortunate season where things didn’t go according to plan,’ Verlander said after the trade.
‘I have nothing but the utmost respect for their organization and how they treat players.’