Where To Find Slavery

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They ultimately agreed that the United States would potentially cease importation of slaves in 1808. An act of Congress passed in 1800 made it illegal for Americans to engage in the slave trade between nations, and gave U.S. 1. Literature regarding the development and abolition of slavery in Massachusetts and other northern states is vast and complex. In the MIT study, which looked at sixteen undergraduate and sixteen graduate students, students began only 23% of their tasks at the library and consulted a library resource only 36% of the time. Librarians must continue to be proactive in their attempts to reach students and other researchers where they begin their search. Articles were found by entering keywords or phrases in the search box located on the left side of each Wikipedia page. Articles are also placed in categories, which provide a taxonomic structure to the Wikipedia as a whole. Wikipedia offer another structure or mechanism for helping users discover articles and provide a way to list topics that may warrant an article, but do not yet have one. Therefore, if an account is burned, there are only one of two possibilities. We were also able to easily access a list of all our contributions and customize some aspects of our account settings such as our user profile, editing interface, and watch list preferences.

Entries are added by editing the particular list article; for example we added a link to the James Willis Sayre article to the «List of People from Seattle» page. Only one article that references James Willis Sayre, Around the World in 80 days, has been added to another Wikipedia, in this case, the Indonesian-language Wikipedia. As the article about James Willis Sayre was being drafted, a list of related subjects was created. This was the case with the J. Willis Sayre Photographs Digital Collection, which consists of a selection of 9,856 images from more than 24,000 photographs of theatrical and vaudeville performers, musicians, and entertainers who performed in Seattle between about 1900 and 1955. A link to our digital collection of Sayre photographs was added to the Vaudeville article. In Wikipedia, a User talk page may be created for registered users and unregistered users (who are identified only by their IP address). Because there are many available near you.